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Computer Network Setup &


For complete piece of mind we offer a full installation service for computer hardware, software and network equipment. Whether you are buying an entirely new network or just adding PCs or printers, our engineers won't finish the job until everything is working to your satisfaction.

We offer discounted rates if you also purchase your equipment from our partners and we will also work with 3rd party equipment as freelance engineers.

Installation Introduction

A typical network will consist of the computers your people use, known as 'workstations', at least one 'server' computer to control the network and perhaps to store important documents and databases, some cables and sockets to connect them all together, and at least one 'switch' or possibly one or more 'routers' to control the passage of data as it moves around the network or to and from other sites and the Internet. The workstations and server(s) will need appropriate software, and they will have to be 'configured' so that they can talk to each other (send data to each other). Other peripherals such as printers and scanners can also be set up.

Your Internet connection, which is essential if you are to have a proper e-mail service, will also require a modem of some sort, depending on whether you are going to use a Cable Modem or DSL connection. Alternatively, if your Internet traffic is going to be quite heavy, you might prefer a T1 or 'leased line'. Your network is carrying the lifeblood of your business 24 hours a day. From your storage, shared drives and even your e-mail and web site, you need a secure, reliable, fast path for your information.

Our network design service ensures that your network operates with maximum efficiency and is the most cost-effective way to connect your computers. There are many ways to build a network. We make sure yours is right for you and your budget.

Choosing Technologies
Ethernet? Gigabit-Ethernet? FDDI? Token-ring? Save the effort of learning about these arcane technologies and let our experts choose the system that is right for your needs. Cable Modem? ADSL? Leased-line? We help you choose the kind of Internet connection that will save you the most time and money.

Choosing Products and Components
With the best-quality components at the best prices, you can be sure that your network will be robust enough to cope with even the most demanding business environment.

Choosing Software and Licensing
Software vendors seem to make it their life's purpose to come up with the most complex licensing schemes for their software that they can think of. We sort through the maze to find the most cost-effective option for your network.

Installation Service Details

We will agree the specifics for each service in a signed project plan prior to the commencement of any of the work. All our staff present on site will behave in a polite and respectful manner putting your business and clients before their duties.

The works to be undertaken are usually:

Cable Installation

o Enhanced Cat5e cabling will be installed in a tidy and appropriate manner in the locations specified in the project plan

Hardware Delivery & Installation

o All hardware will be delivered, unboxed and set up in the locations agreed in the project plan. All packaging/waste will be removed from your office and recycled.

Hardware Configuration and Testing

o All hardware will be tested and configured to the manufacturers specification in preparation for software installation.

Software Delivery, Installation and Testing

o All specified software will be delivered, then installed and tested as specified by the publisher/manufacturer.

Internet Access Configuration

o We will work with your existing ISP and any other third party to provide a continuous service for Internet Access, Email and other IP services.


o We will provide 4 hours on site training, which can be used individually or in a group.  We will also provide all employees with a training guide and PowerPoint presentation.

Backup Procedures

o We will perform a complete backup of the entire installation and setup your company with an automatic backup system for the office with instructions on its use.

Existing Data

o We will transfer any existing data and migrate it onto the new network.

Installation Pricing and Quotations

Every network is different and we will always work to your budget. Call us for more information at 888-449-2404.


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