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Computer and Network Security Audits

Simpar International provides several security auditing services to determine your company's exposure to outside attacks through its LAN, WAN or Intranet.

Our External Security Audit includes a wide range of scans and tests that can be performed to detect existing vulnerabilities. Based on the results of the External Security Audit, we provide Security Remediation Services to help you make hardware and software configuration changes to specific devices. Finally, to help eliminate problems such as internal virus outbreaks, unauthorized LAN traffic monitoring, and other internal security problems, we can provide an Internet Security Audit. If a real-world test of security is desired we can perform actual attacks and break-ins to expose security holes in your network.

Why are network security auditing services important? First, because they greatly reduce the probability of security incidents and downtime. Second, because in the event a security incident should occur, proof of prior security audits and follow-up remediation is evidence of due diligence that may protect a company from legal liability, or limit damages.

External Security Audit
An External Security Audit will test your network devices and servers for vulnerability to a wide range of exploits, viruses, worms and other common Internet attacks. On completion of the audit, Simpar International will provide your company with a detailed report containing the test results and remediation recommendations. Typical completion time for an External Security Audit on small networks (less than 50 devices) is 5 days.

Internal Security Audit
An Internal Security Audit starts with a threat-discovery meeting in which specific security problems are defined. Typical security problems include frequent virus outbreaks, unauthorized access to sensitive email or documents, unauthorized network bandwidth usage, or a lack of a well-defined company security policy. Once the problem definition is complete, Simpar International will work with you to determine options to minimize or eliminate the security problems. A final report will be made detailing the problems, risks, and recommended changes. An Internal Security Audit usually takes between 5 and 15 days to complete but depends upon availability of IT personnel at your company.

Real Attacks and Break-ins
The ultimate test of any network security is to survive an attack by experienced and determined crackers. Upon client request Simpar International will attempt a variety of attacks and break-ins on your machines that would be typical of those most likely to target your company. If you anticipate attacks coming from individuals with limited resources and knowledge (e.g., "script kiddies") this can be a relatively inexpensive operation. However, if you anticipate attackers with Government or corporate resources, a realistic attack can be more expensive to mount and may require specialized hardware, personnel, travel expenses, and other resources.

Among the services we can provide are:

  • Machine Break-ins
  • Domain Hijacking
  • Denial of Services Attacks
  • Cracking of user passwords
  • Retrieval of sensitive documents
  • Network insertion of backdoors, sniffers, viruses, etc.
  • Physical Access to sensitive hardware or software

At the end of this process, you'll receive a detailed report showing how we accomplished a given attack and identifying the security weaknesses that allowed it. Recommendations will be provided to correct the security flaws discovered and Simpar International can provide Security Remediation Services to help correct such problems.

Security Remediation Services
Simpar International will work onsite with your IT department to harden any hardware or software against attack, break-in, or other security issue.

If you'd like a quote on the cost of performing a security analysis for your company, please give us a call today.


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